55th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival

Friday, Oct. 13, 7:30 PM 

88 min., NR

The Ann Arbor Film Festival, a pioneer of the film festival touring concept, has been presenting an annual tour of selected works from the festival since 1964. Over the years, the touring program has brought the work of film and media artists to audiences throughout the world. The tour provides filmmakers the unique opportunity of having their work screened in front of audiences for whom, in many places, the tour venue is their only access to this form of film art. Each filmmaker participating in the AAFF Tour is also paid for each tour stop, thereby helping to directly support their filmmaking. Six new experimental, animated, documentary, and narrative shorts including Blair McClendon’s America for Americans, winner of a jury award at the 55th AAFF, and Jennifer Levonian’s Xylophone, winner of the Ken Burns Award for Best of the Festival. The program also features Étude 1a: Release (I) (Russell Sheaffer & Aaron Michael Smith), Absence of Memory (Rita Piffer), “The Talk” True Stories About The Birds & The Bees (Alain Delannoy) and Sleeping With the Devil (Alisa Yang).

In memory of George Manupelli (1931-2014), Founder of The Ann Arbor Film Festival and Founding Member of The Friends of The Colonial.