May 20–28: Sat–Tue: 7:30, Wed: 5:30 Buddy Night, Thur: 7:30, No show Friday, May 26 (See David Lynch: The Art Life below), Sat: 5:00, Sun: 2:30

Director: Ceyda Torun, 79 min., Not Rated, Turkey; Turkish with English Subtitles

KEDI is not a documentary about house cats or the strays you occasionally see in your back yard. KEDI is a film about the hundreds of thousands of cats who have roamed the metropolis of Istanbul freely for thousands of years, wandering in and out of people’s lives, impacting them in ways only an animal who lives between the worlds of the wild and the tamed can. Cats and their kittens bring joy and purpose to those they choose, giving people an opportunity to reflect on life and their place in it. In Istanbul, cats are the mirrors to ourselves. “The movie is replete with ingeniously constructed mini-narratives, including a turf war. The mesmerizing score by Kira Fontana, interspersed with well-chosen Turkish pop, is a real asset.” —Glenn Keddy, New York Times. “Kedi” is the cat’s meow. Literally.” —Adam Graham, Detroit News.