My Cousin Rachel

July 8–15 

Written & Directed by Roger Mitchell; Cast: Rachel Weisz, Sam Claflin; 1hr 46 min. (PG-13)
“A delicious black-widow mystery, in which the deep-gazing actress Rachel Weisz rocks the veil.” —Brad Wheeler, Globe & Mail. A dark romance, MY COUSIN RACHEL tells the story of a young Englishman who plots revenge against his mysterious, beautiful cousin, believing that she murdered his guardian. But his feelings become complicated as he finds himself falling under the beguiling spell of her charms. “The magnificence of Weisz’s performance is that she is never hiding anything, beyond what a 19th century woman might conceal out of polite reserve. In her every moment on screen, she is an open book. We’re just not seeing all her pages.” —Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle 

(No show Fri, July 14; see LIVE! at The Colonial: Gangstagrass & Sun, July 16 at 2:30 for private function)